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Meet the Team - Medical Esthetician Nibras

Medical Esthetician Nibras
Medical Esthetician Nibras

My name is Nibras I am a sought out medical esthetician that has been transforming lives through her expertise in medical aesthetics. With a prestigious lineage tracing back to the Michigan College of Beauty, I've spent seven illustrious years perfecting the art of rejuvenation and allure.

 My journey has led me to embrace the transformative power of cutting-edge techniques, from the precision of laser skin resurfacing to the lavish indulgence of customized facials. Along the way, I've acquired certifications in a collection of indulgent treatments, including microneedling, medical grade chemical peels, Hydrafacial, microdermabrasion, laser hair restoration, dermaplaning and teeth whitening. My passion for perfection knows no bounds. As an eternal seeker of beauty's secrets, I remain vigilant on my mission for innovation, continuously refining my craft to offer you the pinnacle of med spa excellence.

Step into my sanctuary, where tranquility reigns supreme and every treatment is a symphony of sophistication. Together, we'll embark on a journey of transformation, unveiling your radiant beauty and restoring your inner glow with the grace and elegance befitting royalty.

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