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body services

Top Body body sculpting offers a range of potential benefits for individuals seeking to enhance their physical appearance. Sometimes no matter how much you focus on exercise and maintaining a well-balanced diet some areas never seem to tone or slim down leaving you frustrated. Our body sculpting practitioners at Top Body will work with you to develop the best treatment package for you based on your individual health status and goals. 

We also offer infrared sauna treatments as well as back facials. Below are some of our most popular body treatments.

Therapy Dome

30 minutes

Glowing, healthy skin with reduced redness

Top Body Tuck (stomach)

1 hour 30 mins

Non-surgical tummy tuck alternative that helps tighten and tone

Top Body Leg Slimming

1 hour 30 mins

Targets fat cells to getting rid of stubborn cellulite, tones & tightens loose skin

Custom Back Facial

60 minutes

Acne, dry skin, or simply as a relaxing and pampering experience

Back HydraFacial

60 minutes

Improve the appearance and health of their back skin. Suitable for various skin types

Top Body Glow

20 minutes

Flawless, sun-kissed glow that looks incredibly natural

Top Body Arm Slimming

1 hour 30 mins

Great for any unwanted extra skin from weight loss

Top Body Butt Lift

1 hour 30 mins

Lifted, toned and elevated derrière

Top Body Infrared Sauna Treatment

60 minutes

Glowing skin, deep relaxation, a boost of circulation, detoxifier, muscle recovery, and increased metabolism

Not sure which service is right for you?

Our experienced, licensed estheticians can perform a custom skin consultation. A skin consultation is used to take a closer look and feel of your skin before deciding on a skincare treatment.

Top Body


cancellation policy

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Your treatments are reserved especially for you. We value your business and ask that you respect our scheduling policies. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice are subject to a cancelation fee up to the cost of the scheduled service

Thank you!

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