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Meet the Team - Medical Esthetician Brianna

Medical Esthetician - Brianna
Medical Esthetician - Brianna

Hi! I'm Brianna, your dedicated guide to radiant skin here at Top Body Med Spa. Trained at Elevate Salon Institute, my passion and dedication thrive in the world of aesthetics, where I've not only earned my license but also elevated my expertise to a higher, more refined level.

Specializing in a wide spectrum of treatments from rejuvenating facials to sculpting your silhouette, and enhancing your glow with spray tans and teeth whitening, I bring a blend of bubbly charm and refined expertise to every session.

My mission as your personal esthetician is to not only pamper you but also empower you, ensuring you feel both at ease and confident in your own skin. With an unwavering passion and love for skincare, each day presents a new opportunity for me to help you achieve your skincare aspirations. I pride myself in the knowledge of products specifically tailored to suit every skin type, I promise personalized care that sparks you with joy and ensures your radiant skin is achievable not just in the spa but also at home.

I can't wait to embark on this journey with you, meeting each of you and becoming your trusted aesthetician in your monthly skincare routine. Let's unlock the beauty within together!

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