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Meet the Team - Cosmetic Injector Angelee

Cosmetic RN Injector - Angelee
Cosmetic RN Injector - Angelee

Hello everyone! I'm Angelee Vaile, your go-to gal for all things nursing and beyond! Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the prestigious Purdue University, I'm now on a thrilling journey towards a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care at the highly respected University of Michigan.


Yet, beyond the hallowed halls of academia, my passions extend into the opulent world of dermatology, specializing in the divine artistry of aesthetics. As an injection specialist, I'm educated on the importance of neurotoxins and dermal fillers, meticulously crafting facial harmony to enhance natural beauty and nurture healthy skin. In all my endeavors, I blend simplicity with sophistication, ensuring every client feels like their most radiant self.

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